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Next call is September 20th, 2021

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  1. Jacki Blum Rosen

    Hi. The show is jack and Jill art and culture tell all. Find it on Instagram at rosenfineart. Each week we interview leaders ( like christa) in the art field and learn so much. Xox. Show also on you tube.

  2. Crista Cloutier Post author

    This is the photo editing software are promised by Jeff Maresh:

    Free (non-trail version) basic photo editing software – all support TIF/TIFF and JPG files unless otherwise noted. I haven’t tried any of them but read reviews on them and confirmed file formats whenever possible. All have a free non-trial version and appear to be relatively easy to download, install, and user. Most of these will likely have YouTube videos on usage if you need help.


    Windows, iOS, Android: Photoshop Express

    macOS: Big Sur
    Camera RAW formats supported:
    I was unable to confirm if Big Sur can edit/save TIF/TIFF files

    macOS, Windows: Photoscape X

    Android, iOS: Photoscape Mobile

  3. Linda Enger

    Hey Crista!
    I am working on recreating my master resume ( accidentally edited to one page years ago to follow directions for an entry but did not save the larger master… so agree with you writ e stuff down in the moment… so much fuzzy i memory 🙂

    question on chronological . SO I have numerous places in my resume where I want to say things like 1984-1990 or 1989 -2004 etc… so you say use most recent first in resume/CV but that would then look like ex. 2004-1989 which just seems wrong visually. Please make suggestion. I am in throws of applications right now and of course it would have been great if I thought to ask you prior to class 2 days ago !!! oops. Also you are amazing on camera … great presentation , great content. I need trans scripts to always go back to so of course I take lots of notes… then forget to save as I excitedly move on in the course… goops. LOTS of registers … slow and steady. thank you . this is a great course. !

  4. Navneet K Randhawa

    Hey Crista,
    The sessions have been great so far. I’m totally new to the business side of art and currently working on setting up my website. The thing I struggle the most with is writing about myself and describing my artworks. After listening to your questions one by one, I’m surprised I’m finally able to write something. That’s a good start. Thank you for that 🙂 . I know the notes are for ourselves but what if I want to get my bio or artist statement reviewed by you? Are we going to do that at any point?

  5. Crista Cloutier Post author

    Question from John:

    Looks like you are enjoying time. I have a question. Here is current situation. After several comments that my art was priced too low, I did some research. I had been pricing work based on my opinion of the quality and my need to clear out an abundance of work on hand. Being prolific in fits and starts had created a situation where I was running out of storage space. My bride was nonplused. So, my first attempt was to throw out paintings that just weren’t that good. Off to the dump with a couple hundred (an artist walk of shame). Then I set aside my personal preferences and chose to try a per square inch valuation. I checked with “comparable” artists and came up with 3.50 or 3.75 a square inch. I repriced all the paintings on my website ( And yes, I need to tidy up that online cesspool but that will have to wait a bit longer. I didn’t change much on the drawings. No one really wants any of that anyway. I will probably remove it. Then doubt crept in. My question coach, does the medium change pricing? Is oil more valuable than acrylic? What about watercolor? And what about pastel? I just celebrated birthday number 75 and would like to begin this next era in a reasonably competent fashion. Oh, last year I sold about 20-25 pieces of work, so Covid didn’t hurt on line sales. I exist in a market that includes Gavin Glakas, Alison Menke, Tara Will and others. They are center court folks doing 5 figure sales.

  6. Crista Cloutier Post author

    Alexander wrote: When I started your course, it brought me to tears that you could do perfectly address the struggles of an Artist!
    I simply got bogged down in the bio part of this journey.

  7. Helen Fraser

    Hi Crista,

    Sorry for the late notice. I understand if it too late to include me in this call. I’m just wondering if you could talk about whether it is helpful to post work on my website and social media that is not yet exhibited or to focus on the work that has been seen and sold. In other words, do I dilute my message by posting too early? I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks so much yet again!

  8. Pam Little

    Hi Crista,
    My problem has to do with sales, and perhaps medium. I do and have done work in traditional media, mixed media watercolor and graphite mostly, but I also work digitally, Procreate, Painter, Photoshop. Over the last couple of years, I’ve decided to just do digital work. Digital artwork has in the last two to three years become an acceptable medium for many more shows, and one of my pieces just won an award in a show. When I still had my work in a local gallery, an artist working there at the time told me to my face that she would never recommend buying digital work. Some professional associations such as Amer. Women Artists, Society of Animal Artists are pretty firm about “no digital/computer art”, but perhaps that will change with time, too -?

    I consistently get my digital work into art shows, but I have rarely made sales. So, jurors are all right with my work, but buyers -? My subject matter is landscapes and wildlife of the Rocky Mountain west, so I don’t enter shows where I know that isn’t likely to be a selling point. I don’t think a lot people in south Florida would be interested in pronghorns or Yellowstone. I have three websites, including Fine Art America, and get traffic on them, and also have a business FB page where I do boosted posts.

    As far as pricing, I stay pretty conservative, realizing that my work is prints, whether framed, unframed or gallery wrapped.. My highest price has been $600 for a framed 24 x 30 piece. This weekend I am doing my first booth show with the Montana Professional Artists Assoc., so I will be more than interested (ha!) to see how sales go. Luckily for me my husband’s second wife is a bronze artist, so he has a number of years of booth show experience. Frankly, I never thought I’d do a booth, I have no intention of taking the show on the road. The MPAA does two local shows a year, and that will be enough.

    So, where’s my glaring error?

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