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Next call is March 13th, 2024

If you have a question, do call in and ask Crista yourself.

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All Coaching Calls will now be on ZOOM!

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  1. Crista Cloutier Post author

    This is the photo editing software are promised by Jeff Maresh:

    Free (non-trail version) basic photo editing software – all support TIF/TIFF and JPG files unless otherwise noted. I haven’t tried any of them but read reviews on them and confirmed file formats whenever possible. All have a free non-trial version and appear to be relatively easy to download, install, and user. Most of these will likely have YouTube videos on usage if you need help.


    Windows, iOS, Android: Photoshop Express

    macOS: Big Sur
    Camera RAW formats supported:
    I was unable to confirm if Big Sur can edit/save TIF/TIFF files

    macOS, Windows: Photoscape X

    Android, iOS: Photoscape Mobile

  2. Michael Pierre Price

    Hi everyone! The number of AI text-to-image platforms keeps growing. If you are interested in experimenting with AI, here are a few of the platforms that are worth checking out:

    (1) Midjourney
    (2) Dall-E 2
    (3) Playground AI
    (4) Dream by WOMBO
    (5) NightCafe
    (6) Canva (this is integrated into their overall site)
    (7) Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion)

    There are a number of other platforms beyond this list, but I am most familiar with the ones I mentioned.
    Finally, remember that YouTube is your friend when it comes to tutorials. There are many good tutorials
    explaining the ins and outs of most of the major AI platforms, advice on how best to use prompts.
    Feel free to email me if you have any follow-up questions that might want to discuss. Good luck…..

    1. Pierpaolo Catini

      Hi Michael!
      Nice to meet you buddy. Are this for free? I am using the chat AI to describe better my paintings, but Image to Text would be great. I tried one but is not free of charge.
      Thank you!

  3. Clyde Finlay

    Thanks Michael and Crista. That was really informative and interesting about AI. I didn’t know much about AI, so Michael really explained all the details and differences, which I got a lot of written material.
    I’ll check out your list you are sending to us. I have a better understanding of this platform and establishing my own ideas if and when I use these tools.
    I’m happy I was able to catch the video with you and Michael.
    Thanks to you all.


  4. Linda Enger

    I just watched replay from Feb 2024 Change the World zoom meeting—–I am so sorry I was not able to join you in person, but must say I loved being able to stop and ponder my answers more than the real time allowed. I just wish I could have shared my answers and heard feed back. Thank you ALL for what you shared and Crista this was so wonderful !!! thank you. ok – question: I came up with 9 different golden threads for my work…. hmmmm what to do with that? Crista you said the golden threads were there all the time. I feel as if certain series have different golden threads. Just go with it?

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