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Next call is June 13th, 2022

If you have a question, do call in and ask Crista yourself.

If you can’t make the call, write your question in the comment field below (scroll to the bottom of the page).

– All questions should be posted at least 3 hours before the call to give Crista time to prepare. Questions posted later risk not being answered.
– Please do not post a question you intend to ask on the call.
– Please do not use this page to respond to other artists’ questions.
– If you are currently taking the course, only ask questions that we have covered. Jumping ahead will only confuse you.
– If you cannot find your local time in Greenwich Meantime, Google is your friend!

After the call we will post a link to a recording of the conversation on the Recordings Page.

All Coaching Calls will now be on ZOOM!

Call Time

ALL COACHING CALLS ARE AT 5pm UTC or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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If you are unable to make the call, please post your question in the comment field below:

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  1. Crista Cloutier Post author

    This is the photo editing software are promised by Jeff Maresh:

    Free (non-trail version) basic photo editing software – all support TIF/TIFF and JPG files unless otherwise noted. I haven’t tried any of them but read reviews on them and confirmed file formats whenever possible. All have a free non-trial version and appear to be relatively easy to download, install, and user. Most of these will likely have YouTube videos on usage if you need help.


    Windows, iOS, Android: Photoshop Express

    macOS: Big Sur
    Camera RAW formats supported:
    I was unable to confirm if Big Sur can edit/save TIF/TIFF files

    macOS, Windows: Photoscape X

    Android, iOS: Photoscape Mobile

  2. Darryl L. Grant

    Hi, Crista.
    We are instructed to take hi resolution TIFF photos of our work and create 72dpi jpg for digital presentation. I’m retaking photos of all my work.

    1: The artwork is acrylic on canvas and is varnished. I am not a photographer so have read a bunch of advice on photographing artwork. Because it is varnished, though, I am just not able to eliminate 100% of the shine from the lights. I don’t want to look unprofessional but I need to be able to show these pieces. Should I put my “best effort but inferior” pictures of my work on the website?

    2: Much of my first exposure to the public will be through websites. Seeing a photo of a painting at 72dpi just doesn’t seem to give enough detail and the impact is magnitudes lower than seeing it in person. I did a test. Visiting a gallery I took note of a wonderful piece that I just loved. Later at home, I found that piece on the gallery’s website and I didn’t like it. If that were my first exposure to that piece, I wouldn’t look at it a second time. So much is lost with just pictures. If I were to buy a painting via a website, I would want to see an extremely hi resolution digital image where I could look very closely at it. Can this be overcome?

    1. Darryl L. Grant

      Sorry, Crista. I hit the ‘comment’ button before saying Thank you for all your advice. It is incredibly helpful!

    1. Darryl L. Grant

      Thanks so much Crista! That’s a great reference. Also, I listened to the recording of the Coaching Call. Thank you for your advice. As usual, it’s all very helpful!

  3. Daniel Blanner

    What are the pros and cons of selling artwork, in this case photography, with an online store via website vs. having potential buyers contacting for purchase? To me the online option seems to be the most convenient, but also seems impersonal and may even cheapen the work in some way. Your thoughts?

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